Hello - I'm the Managing Director

I have 27 years of experience and have been teaching keyboard since 1995. I started my own business in 2001 and it has grown from strength to strength. My mission has always been to pass on my skills and motivate students. Music lessons traditionally are taught one to one. If you have had lessons before there is a good chance that you were taught like this. My lessons are different they work in groups. We use headphones and learners are individually taught so they can move at their own pace. All lessons are tailored to meet individual needs. During lessons we include a variety of extras as a group activity and this is where the magic happens! Music theory is a big topic and I have eager students asking “Is it theory week?” because they are so excited. They love learning theory and use sticker books too! As a group we explore music games, improvisation, performance skills, aural tests and much more. It’s great learning these topics together, it boost confidence in a fun and relaxed environment making students feel at ease.  

I Love My Job!

Why? you might ask! I feel fantastic when I am teaching music lessons. Every day is different because you give learners homework but you never really know how your next lesson will go! I have hopes and expectations and as a teacher and I always want more from my students so I dig deep and I motivate them to become fantastic players. With some advanced students I feel that my role as a teacher changes in to a role of a coach!

I have been in business for over 20 years and feel that this reflects on the success and my hard work however the last 3 years have been a struggle. On March 21st 2020 we closed our doors due to the outbreak of COVID-19.  This meant no more lessons face to face for now. All staff were placed on furlough and I began the struggle of keeping the business afloat on my own. Unfortunately, my business like many during this hard time, had no support from the Government at first. I was devastated to find out that my company did not qualify as a small business which meant we did not have any small business grants or rates holiday to get us through this struggle. Luckily Lincoln County Council were eventually able to offer a grant after many applications for help. 


London College Of Music Examinations

I am the LCME Rep for Lincoln. This enables me to host live face to face exams at my centre 3 times a year. 

2024 Exam Dates: 

Spring: 22nd – 26th April 2024. 

Summer: 24th June – 28th June 2024 

Winter: 25th – 29th November 2024

My business has grown so much during the pandemic and has adapted with the current climate. I wasn’t going down without a fight!Here we are in 2023 and I am proud to say that we are now a hybrid music program offering tuition for group, one to one and online tuition. Lessons mix face to face and online learning.


Where I work

This is where we hold face to face tuition. It’s in the centre of Lincoln just off the main High Street. It’s a lovely building and we occupy half of the ground floor. You will find a reception & 6 sound proofed studios fitted out with all the equipment needed.  In total we have 5 members of staff and 2 teaching assistants. Currently over 140 learners attend weekly music tuition with my company. Take a look at the business Facebook page for events, updates and more photos.

My Blog

This is a new adventure, writing a Blog! I am not sure if putting my experience and expertise in to writing will be successful but I am willing to give it a go! I am looking forward to sharing this with you when I am ready. Please come back when there is something to read!

Running a Business & being a Mummy!

I love being a mum and my boys mean everything to me.  I had mum guilt every day when I am working so hard to rebuild my business after the effects of the pandemic. I love networking with other mum’s who share a similar situation and trying to juggle a happy work & life balance. I also love networking with other small businesses, music teachers and LCME Reps as I think its great to work together and support each other.