Welcome to my Journey

Hi There! I am Nichola Beat, that’s right I married Mr Beat 10 years ago. I am Managing Director of The Music Tutor Ltd and mummy to 2 boys. When I am not being a wife and mummy I am running the company. I started my own business in 2001 and it has grown from strength to strength. I have 25 years of teaching experience , first starting with 1 class of beginners learning keyboard on a Saturday afternoon. I am still in touch with some of these students now they are all grown up! I have lots of enthusiasm and once you get to know me this shows in and out of my teaching room.

On March 21st 2020 we closed our doors due to the outbreak of COVID-19.  This meant no more lessons face to face for now. All staff were placed on furlough and I began the struggle of keeping the business afloat on my own. Unfortunately, my business like many during this hard time, had no support from the Government at first. I was devastated to find out that my company did not qualify as a small business which meant we did not have any small business grants or rates holiday to get us through this struggle. Luckily Lincoln County Council were eventually able to offer a grant and continued support to date after many applications for help. 

Nearly a year on and I am still trying to save my business like so many other companies. Please support local if you can it makes a difference. 

My business in the last 12 months has adapted with the current climate we are now a hybrid music program offering tuition for group, one to one and online tuition. Lessons are a mix of face to face (when we are able due to covid restrictions) and online.

January 2021 update: We are currently operating remotely and offering online tuition. The office is temporarily closed however my staff and I continue to teach online and we are so proud of all of our students. With their support the business would have closed during this crisis.

Online tuition really does work! It’s the only way we can currently operate at present so we have made it work. Lessons are filled with learning to play, music theory, games, quizes, technical exercises etc. The list of what we are doing online is endless. To find out more book a first lesson and see for yourself. 

Where I work

This is where we hold face to face tuition. It’s a lovely building and we occupy half of the ground floor. You will find a waiting area, reception & 6 tuition studios. Take a look at my gallery.

My Blog

I am new to writing blogs so come back when there is something to read!

Running a Business & being a Mummy!

I love being a mum and my boys mean everything to me.  I have mum guilt every day when I am working so hard to rebuild my business after the effects of corona virus. I love networking with other mum’s who share similar situation and trying to joggle a happy work & life balance.