We Provide The Best Music Education For Children and Adults

Group Tuition
50 minutes

Our most popular style of teaching! Lessons are set in groups of 4 using headphones to enable learners to individually work at their own pace.
Lessons are split into sections to explore theory and technique as a group using games and quizzes. We love group tuition and so do our students! It's Perfect for all ages and abilities especially beginners.

One to One Tuition
30 minutes

These lessons work at a fast pace and practice between each lessons is vital. Lessons are relaxed and friendly making you feel at ease. One to one tuition is brilliant for intermediate - advanced learners who need lots of explanation and understanding. These lessons are an option used for students who struggle in a group environment or learners with additional needs.

Online Tuition
30 minutes

The Music Tutor Limited offers a secure way to learn online without leaving home. Saving you traveling time! Lessons are split into a variety of sections each week to cover all areas of learning your chosen instrument.
Tuition can be arranged weekly at the same time or on a flexi basis (subject to availability).


Group Tuition

Group tuition is our most popular choice for tuition. Lessons use headphones to provide individual tuition within the group.

Keyboard Tuition

Learn to play keyboard and make your songs come alive by changing the instruments and styles. Keyboard lessons are so much fun and variety. These lessons are a great start for young beginners with a musical interest.

Piano Tuition

Play a mixture of popular songs with a modern approach. Did you know that keyboard and piano lessons are completely different? Book a first lesson to try a mix of keyboard and piano to find out what instrument is best for you and your ability.

Guitar Tuition

We teach acoustic, electric, classical and bass guitar.
All styles, techniques and skills covered. Don't have a guitar? You can borrow one of our guitars for a first lesson to see how you get on and if its right for you.


Young Beginners

The Music Tutor Limited specialises in lessons for young beginners age 4-6 years. We have found that teaching little fingers to play keyboard to start gives a great basis to progress on to other instruments.

Teaching young beginners is so much fun. Each week we alternate between playing and music theory. Beautiful stickers books are used to make learning fun and enjoyable.

During lessons we use games and quizzes to enhance learning and encourage motivation. It’s great to see how much confidence these little players gain from their lessons.

Like all of our other lessons these little learners can work towards exams. We frequently try to play to grown ups for a special show time for Christmas, mothers day, fathers day and and even our teachers birthday!


One to One Tuition

These lessons work best on a one to one basis. Lessons are fast pace and packed full with everything you need to progress further.

Singing Tuition

Music Theatre, Pop Vocals or Classical. Lessons begin with technique & technical exercises to warm up followed by your song you have been working on that week.

Keyboard & Piano Tuition

One to one lessons are available for advanced players who need more time outside of their group lesson to explore skills and techniques.

Flute Tuition

Flute lessons are available from beginners to advanced. Flute is a beautiful instrument to play and it sounds fantastic with a backing track or piano accompaniment.

Adult & Senior Tuition

We have lots of adults that attend lessons. Many dash from work to an evening class and we love seeing what a difference having a hobby like learning to play or sing can make.

Thursday and Friday afternoons are dedicated to our senior learners. Some started as beginners and have been attending for a long time.

It’s never to late to learn! If you are a beginner we have plenty of patience so you can go at your own pace. 

If you haven’t played for years we can help you enjoy new skills and refresh old ones too.


Additional Services

Music Theory Tuition

Music theory tuition works on strengths and weaknesses. Lessons are informal and taught at your pace.
In need of a grade 5 ABRSM certificate? These lessons are perfect for you and provide a fast track.

Exam Prepration

Do you need a little extra prep? Your session will identify any issues and give valued and constructive criticism on your forthcoming exam. Exam preparation sessions are offered to help as extra support.

Teacher Coaching

A problem shared is a problem halved, right? These sessions are perfect for teachers who are just starting to run their own business and need help and want to ask questions, try something new or test an idea.

In school Music Tuition

Tuition is currently available at Hartsholme Academy – Lincoln.

We offer keyboard, piano, singing and flute tuition.

Lessons cost £11 per 20 minute session. Pupils entitled to premium plus are offered a discount where school pays half of the termly tuition fee.

Lessons are successful and the progression these children are making is amazing!

Please get in touch if you require a meeting to discuss opportunities for your school.



Customers reviews

I highly recommend these people! My granddaughter has been learning to play guitar, she's not interested in taking exams, she likes to play for fun! And that is exactly what they give her! Letting her learn the music she likes and she loves it!
Guitar Grandparent
Just had our first online lesson today which was very professional and the kids really enjoyed the one to one contact.
Guitar Parent
As an older student I find Nikki’s enthusiasm infectious and having started 1-2-1 lesson pre-lockdown I’ve continued with on-line lessons, thoroughly looking forward to and enjoying each one.
She is inspirational and keeps me motivated and I’m very pleased with the progress I’m continuing to make with her encouragement and teaching. I have no hesitation in recommending her and The Music Tutor Ltd.
Online Keyboard Student
Nikki is an awesome piano and keybord teacher, she brings happiness on children's faces and solve complex issues without any difficulty. Children can't wait for their lessons. This teacher is cool and awesome, the best role model for her students. 💯👌🎹🎼🎧
Piano Parent
Would highly recommend "The Music Tutor Ltd " to anyone. Lovely friendly atmosphere with lots of encouragement and lots of fun.
Adult Piano student


Tuesday: 9am- 6pm- Online only. 

Wednesday: 9am-3pm – In school only.      Thursday: 9.30am-7.30pm face to face.    Friday: 1.30pm-7.30pm face to face.          Saturday: 9.20am- 12.30pm face to face.

Tuesday: 9am- 6pm- Online only.

Wednesday: 9am-3pm – In school only.

Thursday: 9.30am-7.30pm

Friday: 1.30pm-7.30pm

Saturday: 9.20am- 12.30pm

Thursday: 4.20pm-7.20pm

Saturday: 9.20am- 12.30pm

Wednesday: 9am-3pm – In school only.

Thursday: 4.20pm-7.20pm

Friday: 4.20pm-7.20pm

During your first lesson you will be given a taster of what your lesson will include. You will be given time to discuss with your tutor where to start and what to do. You will start to learn basic skills for your chosen instrument.

All group tuition last for 50 minutes.

All one to one lessons last for 30 minutes

We ask parents to drop off students for tuition and collect after their lesson. There is a small drop off area for parents to wait if you arrive early.

To book a lesson simply send us an email and we will reply with a form to complete. All first lessons are half price so you can come and try with no obligation. Payment in advance is required to secure a booking. If lessons are fully booked you will be added to the waiting list and contacted when new spaces open.

Young beginners age 4-6 years are advised to start with keyboard tuition so that they can learn the basics about notation, timing and co-ordination.

Yes, music lessons are offered throughout the year and also run during all school holidays. The Music Tutor Limited does close for all bank holidays and for a week between Christmas and New Year.

YES! We have many adults and senior citizens who attend a weekly music lesson. There is no age limit to starting a new hobby or working towards an exam.

Group lessons are in small classes of 4. Lessons use headphones so that learners can work at their own pace. Lessons have a mix of age groups and abilities.

No! Here at The Music Tutor Limited we teach separate piano and keyboard lessons because each instrument has a set of different skills. The right hand is the same however there is a big difference between learning the left and for piano and keyboard.

Sorry no. We operate a cashless system which means you must pay all payments in advance direct to our business bank account.